It is extremely difficult to hire employees in today’s job market. The job market has continued to tighten, the skills gap is widening, and holding on to your top employees is of utmost importance.¬†Companies¬†in the Greater Philadelphia Area are facing high competition, as their employees are being solicited for new positions via social platforms at an alarming rate. With that being said, it is more crucial than ever to hold on to your biggest assets – your employees! Reduce any temptation for your employees to look elsewhere for employment by creating and providing the best work experience imaginable.

  1. Regular and productive communication. Offer to have a weekly one-on-one meeting to discuss how their workload is going, if they are stressed, under/overworked, struggling to balance work-life priorities, etc. Employees generally feel misunderstood and disconnected from their superiors. You may be able to connect and offer suggestions or solutions if there is good communication on a continual basis.
  2. Flexibility. Offering the option to work remotely will go a long way, even if it is just one day a week, month or sporadically when needed.
  3. Authentic praise.¬†Commend your employees when warranted. If they impressed you, exceeded your expectations, beat a deadline or handled a tough situation with ease, let them know! All employees crave genuine praise. Don’t wait to spill your kind words until the annual performance review. Give praise immediately so your employees know you are aware of their job well done.
  4. Maintain a clear vision. Make it easy for your employees to understand what is expected of them. Also, explain the mission and goals of the company as a whole, and how each employee can contribute to those goals.
  5. Challenge your best employees. Offer opportunities for your employees who need more of a challenge. Fulfill their innate need to grow and learn, and you will have happier employees who take pride in advancing their role within your organization.

Paying your employees well is a great start to the hiring process, but nowadays, it takes more than dollars to keep employees loyal and happy. Greater Philadelphia companies¬†can¬†keep their best¬†employees from leaving if they provide a well-rounded,organic approach to the situation. Employees today care very much about work-life balance, recognition, appreciation, and company benefits. So go¬†ahead and try any of these 5 free employee perks and you’ll be sure to see a difference (for the better!) in your employees!


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