We all know how important networking, resume writing and interview preparation is, but there is one criterion typically over-looked. How do you act once you start a new job? 



These 10 tips are an absolute must for anyone starting a new position!

  1. Be polite
  • No matter where, wait patiently.
  • Wait your turn to speak.
  • Give proper hand shake.
  • Address each person with their title.
  1. Dress for the occasion
  • Always do research to confirm the attire needed.
  • It is always better to over dress rather than under dressing, but not over dressing to the extreme.
  1. Be punctual
  • Always arrive on time, and early when you can.
  • Do not arrive too early or over stay your welcome. Get in a little early to show you can punctual, and leave as scheduled. Don’t linger after your shift is complete.
  1. Learn to listen
  • Learning to present yourself is always needed, but while starting a new job¬†you want to listen to what your manager is saying, instead of¬†interjecting or rudely throwing your ideas out there at the wrong time.
  1. Be knowledgeable
  • Always make sure to learn about the company, what they do, and any current events going on. Make comments or conversation that proves you have done your research.
  1. Appear upbeat
  • Always seem positive: enthusiastic, smiling, good posture and strong eye contact.
  • Be friendly and out-going.
  1. Communicate well
  • Many people have learned to communicate well face-to-face, but many lack communication¬†skills via phone and e-mail. Make sure your communication skills are equal across the board, no matter where or how the communication is taking place.
  1. Avoid interruptions
  • Limit¬†your use of personal cell phones, laptops, etc.
  1. Eat and drink well
  • Make sure to know the proper dinner/drinking etiquette.
    • Which forks to use
    • Order small amounts for each meal if it is a multi-meal course
    • Do not order the messiest or most expensive meal
    • Avoid alcohol consumption
  1. Always show appreciation
  • A simple thank you goes a long way, even if is just to thank a coworker for helping you learn your way around the building.

These manners should take place every day in the workplace.  So, go ahead and make your manager proud of hiring you!


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