It’s not always easy to stay focused at work when all you can think about is enjoying the last few hours of sunlight while you grill dinner outside with your family or catch some rays. Typical summer day-dreaming, right? Well, your employees are likely thinking the same thing you are. If you are worried that your happy, go-lucky employees are starting to check-out for the summer, try one of these three inexpensive ways to make your staff¬†happier and engaged.

1. Parties: This is a fun and flexible way for employees to enjoy spending time in the office. Someone can bring a small, portable grill (you provide the food!) and outdoor games for everyone to enjoy. Potlucks and dessert parties are always a safe bet as well. The goal is to keep your employees happy while in the office!

2. Day Trips: Keep your employees feeling good by setting up volunteer days (your local animal shelter would LOVE to have you come play with their pups!) or other ways you could contribute, as a team, to your community. Minor league sporting events typically offer a great atmosphere and won’t break your bank account.¬†

3. Special Privileges: It’s exactly what every employee dreams of, and you benefit as well…early Friday dismissal! Set goals for the week and if they are achieved, let everyone leave a bit early on Friday. Working remotely one day a week,¬†bringing the dog to work, or implementing special reward programs for those who consistently meet their goals are all good examples to keep employees happy and engaged no matter what time of the year it is!

These three options are relatively inexpensive and create ways to engage your employees and keep them happy. The most important thing is to do something outside of the box to really wow your employees and make them feel appreciated. We all know how difficult it is to find the best fit for our team, so make sure you hold on to them!

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