Hiring new employees can be a stressful, expensive and time-consuming process. Hiring the right employee can make your life much easier, while hiring the wrong employee can certainly add to your problems. Most hiring managers look at employment history and skill sets when sourcing for potential employees, but it is beneficial to also consider these four major areas:

  1. The culture of the department and company.
  • Understanding your¬†company‚Äôs culture (and the culture of¬†each department) is paramount to make sure the candidate will fit in.
  • Consider and evaluate the culture of your organization.
    • How are processes carried out in your¬†company?
    • What are the rights and rituals, company climate, reward system, and basic values?


  1. Behaviors the candidate will need to successfully complete job requirements.
  • The candidate must have the behaviors that are necessary for the position. Behaviors cannot be taught. Rather, people are born with certain behaviors which make them who they are.¬†For example, a candidate who is passive, shy and introverted will most likely not be a good fit for a competitive outside sales position. Behaviors must be evaluated throughout the interview phase to ensure the candidate can successfully perform the job. A thorough reference from a previous employer can also help ease any questions or hesitations you may have about the candidate.


  1. The skill set required to successfully complete the job duties.
  • Every hiring manager’s ideal candidate has a slew of¬†your required skills¬†and relevant industry experience.¬†However, this is rarely the case, especially with the current skills gap. Transferable¬†skills can be just as good, and enables you¬†to provide insight and a little training to tweak the candidate into the perfect fit for the job.


  1. What type of employee does the organization or department need to help them be more successful?
  • Sometimes it takes just one extra¬†person to help move a mountain. The department in question¬†may¬†need a bit of enthusiasm, a leader, or a motivator to get everyone in the team working to full capacity. Matching the type of employee to the needs of the organization or department is critical for a successful hire.


It is impossible to know for certain if any hire will be a perfect fit. However, following these four tips will help wean out any potential issues and ultimately increase your chances for a successful hire. If you are hiring in Montgomery County or the tri-state area, please feel free to contact us as we have many qualified and eager candidates looking for their next opportunity. Happy hiring!

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