Hiring a new employee is never an easy task. There are so many factors to consider as you approach making an offer of employment. Will the candidate get along with the existing¬†staff? Will they work hard? Do they¬†really have the experience required? It’s always a gamble, as you can never be 100% certain when it comes to hiring. Below are the three biggest fears that business owners and managers face when hiring.

1. Laziness: A lazy employee not only affects your bottom line, but it also affects your other staff as they pick up the slack. A lazy employee is an extremely common fear of employers, as it is hard to predict if someone is lazy based off of a resume and interview. A few tactics to try and avoid hiring a lazy employee include multiple reference checking, pre-employment personality assessments, and at least two rounds of interviews.

2. Lack of Skills: Does they employee¬†actually¬†know how to use advanced Excel functions? Quite often, skill levels aren’t assessed until it is too late and the hire has been made. Thorough interviewing and software testing (if applicable) is¬†critical to determine if the candidate truly has the hands-on knowledge and experience of the skills you require. Pre-employment cognitive assessments can also be helpful to determine the level of skill in each candidate.

3. Lack of Rapport With Co-Workers and Customers:¬†Companies, especially smaller businesses, must have a united workforce in order to function well. A bad hire can disrupt the peace among existing employees. Not to mention, it only takes one small mistake to lose a customer. You must be able to trust that your employee will be a good representation of your company, and treat all of your other employees and customers with respect. A good rapport with co-workers and customers will help increase your business in many ways. Thorough interviews and personality testing can help you determine if the candidate’s character and personality will mesh with your existing¬†team.

Doing the appropriate leg work before making a hire will¬†help mitigate your fears. Listen to your gut instinct, check references, conduct testing as needed, and interview at least once. If you’re still not sure if the candidate if the right fit, you should probably interview more candidates for a compaison. Happy hiring!



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