There has been a substantial increase in staffing within the manufacturing industry, especially for production, warehouse and skilled labor employees. Four main sectors in the manufacturing industry are driving the increase in staffing: Motor Vehicles & Parts, Food Manufacturing, Furniture Manufacturing and Breweries & Wineries.


By the end of 2015, the motor vehicle and parts sector accounted for 7.4% of all manufacturing jobs. The increase is a result of an increase in new car sales, as many people held off on car purchases during the recession. New electronic and technological features are also helping drive new car sales. Temporary employees are very beneficial in this sector, as supply chains are time-senstive and intricate.

Food manufacturing is one of the largest manufacturing sectors. Temporary labor is extremely beneficial since the speed to market is dire for shelf-life. The growth of organic and locally sourced food products is driving the food manufacturing sector.

The increase in disposable income and real estate sales has led to an increase in furniture manufacturing. The increase in disposable income has also helped contribute to the growth of the Breweries and Wine sector, which is actually the fastest growing sector of the entire manufacturing industry. An increased demand for craft beers and wines has also helped play a role in the growth of this sector.

Companies are reporting that it is more challenging than ever before to identify and secure qualified employees. Recruiting out of trade schools and implementing on-the-job training programs and apprenticeships have helped hiring efforts. However, there is still a large skills gap that all companies, especially in the manufacturing industry, are facing today.

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