“I posted a job but only got a few unqualified candidates. What did I do wrong?”

Believe it or not, 75% of all jobs posted do not receive a single application.

There are several reasons for this phenomena:

  • Did you post a job description that has existed for many years and uses words like requirements and responsibilities? Today’s job seekers don’t like those terms.
  • Instead they want to know what they will be doing in the job.
  • What goals or tasks will they be accomplishing?
  • What will they learn in this position?
  • Who will they be working with?
  • How will they be recognized and or rewarded?

It can be difficult to answer these questions in the form of a job description, but you have to think like the job seeker, rather than HR or hiring manager. Get ideas from people who are currently performing the job. They can describe the position better than anyone. Have them answer these questions. They could provide answers that are new and fresh for prospective job seekers.

Before you post the job, make sure you are using the correct job site. There are numerous job boards available. Some are very specialized. Perform a Google search of your job title and see what job boards pop up. You might find a new venue that is better suited for you position.

Our next post will provide more details on writing a job description.




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