Employee turnover is inevitable. All hiring managers know that you win some, and you lose some. However, you may have an issue if it seems like more employees are jumping ship than usual.  What is causing your employees to leave for other opportunities? We took a poll amongst candidates who have registered with us and are currently employed, but seeking a new opportunity, and the results are nothing short of interesting!



Reasons For Seeking A New Opportunity:

1. No internal upward mobility program with current employer.

2. Unfair work-life balance.

3. Salary.

4. Minimal or no benefit program.

5. Poor management and leadership.


If you think your employees are leaving due to a lack of upward mobility, you may want to consider an internal recruitment program that will preserve and motivate your top exisiting employees. Promoting and hiring from within (when possible) is less expensive and quicker than hiring externally. A problem that many growing companies face is consistently updating and monitoring their current employees’ information — reviews from managers, performance, skill sets, capabilities, attendance, and so forth. Human Resources must be aware of the exisiting talent and potential that already exists within the company. Another benefit of hiring from within is that the¬†employee is already familliar with company polices and the corporate culture. The training period is dramatically reduced, which reduces¬†¬†overall expenses and turn-around time to fill the vacant position.¬†This process does not happen overnight, but it may certainly help retain your best employees. That¬†is positive news for your bottom line!¬†


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