Honesty is always the best policy. However, some things are better off left unsaid, if possible, when you are trying to land that new job. Avoid these 5 statements during your interview:

1. “My last job isn’t on my resume because it didn’t work out.” Your resume is designed to show the work experience you have gained. If you do not put your work history on your resume, the interviewer will likely wonder what went wrong, and why you don’t want the information on your resume.


2. “I am planning on moving soon”. This is only an issue if you are moving somewhere that is not local to the company where you are interviewing. Companies do not like to invest in hiring a new employee when they are planning to leave in a few short months. Exception to this rule includes contract or temporary work, since short-term positions are more flexible.

3. “I didn’t get along with my last boss.” Perhaps you should say that you and your last boss did not see eye-to-eye on certain things, and then explain what exactly happened.  Saying you didn’t get along with your superior, or anyone for that matter, is not what a future employer wants to here.  Employers look to hire someone who can generally get along well with everyone.

4. “I dont have any references.” Besides being a recent high school or college graduate without any prior work experience, there is no excuse for this one. Employers are going to assume there is an issue if you don’t have any references from former managers, co-workers or clients. This would raise a big red flag to the interviewer, as they will assume you are hiding something.

5. “I want to move up quickly from this position.”  It is nice to see ambition in an interview.  However, if you seem overly ambitious, the interviewer is going to assume you will not be content in this position for long, or you will start looking for other employment if the promotion process is not up to your speed.  Make sure you come off as motivated, but don’t act overly ambitious or aggressive.

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