If you are like many job seekers out there, you may have one, two, or several employment gaps in your resume, especially after the job market crashed a few years ago. ¬†Don’t fret yet — this will not always count against you in your endeavor for a new job.


So, how do you address the gaps in your what-was-once-perfect resume?  Here are a few tips:

  • Address the reason for departure on your resume.¬†For example, state that you left your job due to a departmental layoff, raising your children, or taking care of a family member who was ill. ¬†It is a personal decision to disclose this information, but it will give the reader some clarification regarding your employment history.
  • Don’t phase out.¬†Keep your skills and profiles current. ¬†Stay active on professional social media sites, such as LinkedIn. ¬†You want the potential employer to see that you have not faded out of the workforce and that your skills are still in tact.¬†
  • Focus on your skills.¬†You most likely used, maybe even strengthened, some of your skills while away from work. ¬†If you have become a master of social media, blogging, advanced excel functions, etc….emphasize it! ¬†Disclose your new found skills on your resume, and make it a talking point during your interview. You may have been out of work, but you were still learning. Most importantly, convey to the reader or interviewer how these skills will transfer to the position you are applying for.
  • Don’t fear the cover letter.¬†If you would like to tell the reader your whole story, you can always include a cover letter that will explain the gaps in your employment history. Any explanation is better than no explanation in the eyes of the reader.

If you need assistance in your job search, please contact a recruiter at McCallion Staffing. ¬†We are happy to assist you in your job search, and it’s free!

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