Well, it’s that time of the year to keep the Purell handy.  Flu season!  As if interviewing isn’t stressful enough, the thought of having to cancel and reschedule the interview that you’ve been anticipating seems absolutely dreadful. However, make the best decision for everyone…..and stay at home!  

  • You won’t be putting your best foot forward when you don’t feel well.  You shouldn’t be worrying about if your nose is running, or if you’re going to lose your voice mid-interview. You need to have the utmost focus during an interview and eliminate any unnecessary distractions. 
  • Call to reschedule your interview. This shows you still have a desire and interest for the job. Explain that you do not want to contaminate the interviewer and their office, and ask if you can book a new interview date. Even interviewers have to call out sick sometimes!
  • Show appreciation for their flexibility. Thank the interviewer for rescheduling and show gratitude. Everyone will be happy you made the wise decision!

You will not be judged or lose points for rescheduling an interview due to flu or sickness.  In fact, most employers appreciate the fact that you would like to make a good impression on your interview, as well as your consideration for the health of others.

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