Motivating your employees may seem daunting at times.  It can be frustrating and sometimes even infuriating! But, it is the responsibility of a good leader to motivate their staff when business is thriving and when business is slow.  Here are 10 easy methods to motivate your people:

  1.        Lead with a consistent approach.  Demonstrate the behaviors that you desire to see from your team.
  2.        Hold your employees accountable. If one person slacks, it derails the entire team and creates animosity.  There must be consequences for those who do not pull their own weight.
  3.        Encourage your employees to grow. Your staff will work harder if they know their leader genuinely wants them to succeed.
  4.        Instill hope rather than fear. People who are afraid of their boss will be constantly stressed and miserable. Reward good actions and encourage your staff to step out of their comfort zone to achieve higher goals.
  5.        Encourage healthy competition.  Healthy competition among coworkers will push everyone to work harder and reach new levels.
  6.        Avoid ambiguity.  A good leader must give specific feedback so their team can improve.  Employees need a clear understanding of their role within the organization.
  7.        Offer a challenge.  Many people become comfortable and complacent over time. Look for those who have potential and offer them encouragement along with challenges.
  8.        Money doesn’t always talk. Some people need more recognition and appreciation, in addition to a stable salary.  Rewards should always be creative and meaningful.
  9.        Communication is key. Employees need clarity in an efficient manner. It is best not to beat around the bush when communicating to your staff.
  10.    Consistent reviews.  Keep your employees updated on a consistent basis.  Let them know where they are succeeding and struggling.  Don’t let anyone stray too far from company goals, and show genuine concern.



Identifying new talent is hard enough, especially with the current skills gap.  Sometimes it is most effective and efficient to hold on to your exisiting staff, and motivate them to grow if at all possible.  If that is not an option, or you simply need to add additional staff to your exisiting team, read our tips for hiring new employees in 2016.

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