Whether you’re fresh out of college or have decades of experience, looking for a new job can be a very stressful and overwhelming process.  You fill out hundreds of applications a day and hear nothing, or you make it through multiple rounds of interviews only to find you’ve been passed up for another candidate.  Maybe you’ve considered registering with a staffing agency, but the misinformation out there is just too confusing.  The fact is there are a lot of myths about staffing agencies that give job seekers the wrong impression.  With that said, let’s clarify a few common misconceptions:

#1: Staffing agencies charge a fee to use them.  FALSE!  Most reputable firms, such as McCallion Staffing Specialists, never charge candidates.  Staffing agencies instead make their money through their client companies by filling open job orders. You will never be charged a cent while working for McCallion, nor will any fees be taken out of your paycheck.  

#2: Staffing agencies only place entry level jobs.  FALSE! Staffing firms make placements at a wide variety of levels, from entry to executive.  McCallion Staffing places candidates in fields such as manufacturing, light industrial, administrative, accounting, customer service, engineering and pharmaceutical, to name a few. 

#3: Staffing agencies only fill temp jobs.  FALSE!  McCallion Staffing recruits for many temp-to-hire positions, where the candidate starts out as a temp for a few months and is brought on permanently if the company feels it’s a good fit.  Temp-to-hire is a great way for candidates to get their foot in the door and allows a trial period for both parties before committing.  Temporary-only positions are good for people who are don’t want to commit to anything long term.  At the very least, a temporary assignment can give your resume a nice boost. McCallion Staffing also places many candidates in direct-hire (or permanent) positions.

McCallion Staffing has access to a hidden job market and recruits for jobs that companies don’t have the resources to advertise and recruit for on their own.  So whether you’re just starting your career or in a transitional period, we can be a great asset for any job seeker.  View some of our open positions here.


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