There tends to be some confusion among job seekers when it comes to working with recruiters.  Some job seekers are worried they’ll end up in a job they know nothing about, while others take their unemployment frustrations out on the recruiter.  It is important to understand what role they actually play in the job seeking process.  Here is what you can expect when working with recruiters:

1.  Recruiters are not career counselors.  As much as they want to help you, they can’t be exp
ected to immediately find your dream job for you or suggest a certain career path.  It is your job to know what you want to do and what you think you’re qualified for. Recruiters will work to help you find that perfect fit, but you have to know what you want first.
2.  Recruiters work for the employer.  They will go out of their way to help job seekers and guide them through their search to a certain extent, but at the end of the day a recruiter’s client is the employer.
3.  There are two categories of recruiters: internal and external.  Internal recruiters are employees of the employer they represent.  External recruiters are the agents or “head hunters” that source potential employees for their client.
4.  Recruiters don’t have a say in the hiring process.  It is the employer who decides whether or not you are a good fit.  Recruiters can find candidates and set up interviews, but they can never promise you a job.  Don’t shoot the messenger! 

Recruiters will work very hard to find you the perfect job, but at the end of the day it comes down to what you want, the needs of the company, and if those two factors align with each other. Many job seekers find great success working with recruiters.  Recruiters are known to find unique jobs that complement your skill set, even if the type of job may not have been on your radar. Give it a try; there is no downfall!


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