All hiring is tough, especially for Light Industrial and Skilled Labor positions. There is a large skills gap in the current market and candidates are extremely difficult to find.  A staffing agency, like McCallion Staffing Specialists, can assist you with identifying Light Industrial candidates while reducing the overall turnaround time for the hiring process.  Three main reasons to use an agency for Light Industrial Staffing include:

1. Flexible Workforce: We can provide you with temporary employees whether the assignment lasts only a few days, a few months, or even a few years! Are overtime hours required?  No problem! You can ramp up your Light Industrial workforce in just a few days notice without worrying about your staff spending time running pre-employment screenings.

2. Database of Unique & Qualified Candidates: From Material Handlers to Shippers & Receivers to Machine Operators, we have access to candidates who are not publicly seeking employment.  These skilled candidates cannot be found on the job boards.  Most of these job seekers are referred to us from their friends and family members who have worked for us at one point in time over the past 35 years. 

3. No Commitment: Plans and people change, and we understand that.  You can test the waters with a new employee for your warehouse position as we can provide you a qualified worker on a temporary basis before you decide to make an offer for permanent employment.

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