Proven Excellence in Staffing and Recruiting for Over 35 Years.

How Do You Benefit From Partnering With McCallion Staffing?

Local and Continual Support:

Your company will have at least one dedicated Account Manager who will provide you with excellent customer support, and maintain constant communication. We understand the importance of deadlines and address any issues or concerns immediately.


As a family-owned and operated company, we can make decisions immediately without going through any “red tape”.  We are flexible to our clients’ requirements and needs, and we adjust accordingly.

All Recruiting, All Day:

We recruit and prescreen potential candidates on a daily basis. Each of our many candidates has a wide range of knowledge, skills and experience for their respected industry. This enables us to keep a consistent supply of readily-available candidates to quickly meet your hiring needs.

Avoid Drama:

The people business is never dull! If an issue with a temporary employee ever arises, you can be sure that your Account Manager will handle the situation accordingly.


The staff at McCallion Staffing Specialists has mastered the staffing process and created close-knit relationships with our clients. This creates a partnership that allows us to become experts in staffing for your organization.

Happy Employees Make Your Life Easier:

We offer all of our temporary employees’ health benefits, holiday pay and a performance bonus. Our temporary employees appreciate these benefits and don’t feel as though they are “left out” of company perks while on an assignment. Happy employees are more likely to have better attendance, motivation and work ethic—all of which benefit your organization!

Safety First:

We are committed to keeping our employees safe. The Safety Committee Board at McCallion Staffing Specialists will work with you to ensure safe work practices are being utilized and enforced, and we will help mitigate any risk of potential injuries.